Week 1 [01.09-10.09] Format Module / Topic Expert
4-6.09 INTRO TO WEB3
Lecture Exploring Web3 as the next generation of the World Wide Web: blockchain technology, decentralization, cryptography, DApps, Metaverse Decentraland
Mastercard, Oliver Silvey
Lecture Web 3 streams through the prism of venture capital market trends Jets Capital, Mastercard, Oliver Silvey
Panel discussion What is a web3 startup? When the web3 technology is really needed and when it’s better to develop a classic web2 product Mastercard, Oliver Silvey
Yury Shlaganov, serial founder & VC
Lecture How to design effective decentralised governance XDAO, Polina Ptushkina
Case study Web3 cases in DeFi, DAO, NFT, GameFi, Decentralised social networks, and Meta verse from the go-to-market prospective AWS, Alexandre Matsuo
Lecture Exploring the Decentraland Ecosystem. Grants, support, community, DAO Decentraland
How to build a truly decentralised web? ICP, Shashi Shivkar
AMA How to be a great and visionary founder? Microsoft, Ramona Traber
Workshop Strategic vision of building a team in web3 t3rn, Lourdes Tandayag
Workshop How to pitch your team to VCs
-Team in the “6 T concept” or why money is given to PEOPLE
-Team as an asset in your pitch deck Gate.io, Nelson Lopez
"web 3 team: inhouse\outsource\ outstuff -risks and advantages” Vlad Burak
Lecture + case study Talent acquisition in web3: general practices and success stories Elements Group AG, Liliana Pereira
Magic Square, Kristina Kuleshova
AMA Cross-cultural challenges in managing a web3 team Magic Square, Kristina Kuleshova
Group work Building HR frameworks and ensuring fit-to-need Gate.io, Nelson Lopez
Stand up\ round table Choosing a co-founder Gate.io, Nelson Lopez +…
Lecture + Q&A How to guarantee employee rights and benefits Elements Group AG, Liliana Pereira
People culture in web3: how to ensure best employee experience Gitcoin, Loie Taylor
Panel discussion -Optimal team composition
-The role of advisors for a web3 startup
-How to approach your team education in web3 Gate.io, Nelson Lopez
Elements Group AG, Liliana Pereira
Magic Square, Kristina Kuleshova
t3rn, Lourdes Tandayag
Ex-Coinbase, Nathalie McGrath
Gitcoin, Loie Taylor
How to approach your team education in web3 Nathalie McGrath
The role of advisors Gate.io, Nelson Lopez
9-10.09 WEEKEND Decentraland Party
Week 2 [11.09-17.09] Module / Topic Expert
Workshop Market analysis & target audience Vlad Burak
Product-solution fit
Workshop User research: conducting in-depth interviews and analysing results ex-Google, Markos Koemtzopoulos
Lecture Product development frameworks: Customer Development, JBTD, HADI ex-Azur, Max Grittsovich
Lecture Building an MVP and the value of validated learning ex-Azur, Max Grittsovich
Workshop UX/UI in Web3 Subsquid, Dmitry
Lecture + workshop Hypothesis testing & Growth hacking ex-Azur, Max Grittsovich
Workshop Unit economics ex-Azur, Max Grittsovich
Lecture Platforms and network effects in web3 Yury Shlaganov, serial founder & VC
Panel discussion -Developing product VS developing protocol
-Why a web3 product should be decentralised? Polygon, Dominik Schmid
Crypto gaming pool, Artem
Yury Shlaganov, serial founder & VC
Lecture Specifics of web3 marketing: differences from web 2 and the most effective traffic channels. The marketing agency perspective. Sal’Ad, David Lolaev
Case study In-between web2 and web3 marketing. Case of http://Swaps.app Swaps.app, Alexandr Aveshnikov
Lecture Global marketing in web3 from A to Z Sal’Ad, David Lolaev
Lecture + workshop Building communities in Web3 Soyka agency, Ekaterina Kozyreva
Lecture Getting traction before the product launch TGS, Konstantin Volgapov
Lecture Paid ads in the Web3 space Slise.xyz, Oleksii Sidorov (?)
Case study Role of Influencers in web 3: cases and best practices TGS, Konstantin Volgapov
Lecture 5 free marketing channels that every founder knows but overlooks TGS, Konstantin Volgapov
Lecture Workshop Building your G2M strategy Sal’Ad, David Lolaev
TGS, Konstantin Volgapov
Case study Leveraging blockchain for marketing purposes Crypto gaming pool, Artem
Lecture PR and partnerships in web3 Soyka agency, Ekaterina Kozyreva
Lecture How to build a marketing team TGS, Konstantin Volgapov
Panel discussion Discussion of web3 marketers Yury Shlaganov, serial founder & VC
TGS, Konstantin Volgapov
Sal’Ad, David Lolaev
Stand-up Tips from a serial founder: being a happy and healthy founder, closing a startup and much more Yury Shlaganov, serial founder & VC
Week 3 [18.09-24.09] Module / Topic Expert
Discussion How to choose a blockchain for your web3 product: blockchain perspective and founder’s perspective Avalanche, Matthew Schmenk
Polygon, Dominik Schmid
TON, Omur Cataltepe
Crypto gaming pool, Artem Slava, Lifty.io
Lecture Characteristics and types of blockchains Chainstack, Vasiliy Rudomanov
AMA Benefits of building on Avalanche Avalanche, Matthew Schmenk
Lecture Principles of smart contract design and programming languages QuallAudits, Preetam Rao
Workshop Building web3 protocols: principles, challenges, best practices Eywa protocol
Lecture + case study Exploring TON ecosystem TON, Omur Cataltepe
Lecture Consensus mechanisms for blockchains TRON, David Uhryniak
Lecture Scaling solutions: optimistic and zero knowledge roll ups Polygon, Dominik Schmid
Panel discussion Cross-chain, appchain, omnichain and how these technologies are forming the future of web3 Avalanche, Matthew Schmenk
Polygon, Dominik Schmid
TON, Omur Cataltepe
Lecture The most important infrastructural elements to kick off a web3 project Chainstack, Vasiliy Rudomanov
Lecture How to avoid smart contract hacking QuallAudits, Preetam Rao
Panel discussion VCs’ perspective on blockchains
Lecture Typical mistakes a startup makes with its tokenomics Ecogames, Konstantin Kalinin
Workshop Building tokenomics with a token utility canvas Ecogames, Konstantin Kalinin
Lecture Token circulation and monetary policy Ecogames, Konstantin Kalinin
Lecture Public round: IDO, IFO, IEO, ICO. Which to choose? Crypto gaming pool, Artem
Standup DEX or CEX? dYdX, Doruk Ismend
Debate Air drops: pros and cons Crypto gaming pool, Artem
Sal’Ad, David Lolaev
Panel discussion Liquidity and market-making Gotbit / Velvet Formula
AMA How to get listed on Gate.io, Binance and Coinbase http://Gate.io / Listing help
Stand-up When token is a great asset and when it can jeopardise everything Crypto gaming pool, Artem
Lecture Product marketing and token marketing Sal’Ad, David Lolaev
Case study Forming and managing Treasury: case of Sweatcoin Sweat economy (Sweatcoin), Nik Pletikos
Case study Web2→3 transition from the token point of view: case of Sweat economy Sweat economy (Sweatcoin), Nik Pletikos
Panel discussion What makes business-models in web 3 sustainable? Ecogames, Konstantin Kalinin

Sweat economy (Sweatcoin), Nik Pletikos

Crypto gaming pool, Artem

Sal’Ad, David Lolaev | | 23-24.09 | | WEEKEND | | | Week 4 [25.09-02.10] | | Module / Topic | Expert | | 25-27.09 | | LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS IN WEB3 | | | | Lecture | Introduction into web3 compliance | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | | AMA | Regulatory requirements for token issuance. Why you’d better be very careful with SEC. | | | | Lecture | Data privacy and security | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | | Lecture | Tax considerations for a web3 business | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | | Workshop | KYC, AML for a web3 startup | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | | Lecture | IP rights in web3 | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | | Lecture | The legal aspects of DAO | XDAO, Oleg Chunarev | | | Lecture | DAO LLC as a new form of legal entity: opportunities and limitations | Doola, Arjun Mahadevan | | | Case studies and Q&A | Choosing the appropriate jurisdiction: where and how to register your web3 company | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | | Panel discussion | The future of web3 regulation: SEC’s crackdowns, MiCA and other recent news and tendencies. | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A Swaps.app, Linda Derkaca Doola XDAO | | | Lecture | Deal structure (equity/tokens/both). SAFT or SAFE+token warrant. | Morningstar Ventures, Peter | | | Close AMA session | All the sincere answers you want to hear from your lawyer | Olga Efimenko, Chief Legal Executive, M&A | | 28-30.09 | | FUNDRAISING IN WEB3 | | | | Lecture | How do investors evaluate projects in 2023/2024? | Jets Capital | | | Lecture | Fundraising in web2 vs in web3 | Slava, Lifty | | | Panel discussion | VCs and beyond in 2023/24 -How to find and effectively communicate with VCs? -Where to find business angels and how to convince them? -What is the right time to open an investment round? | Subsquid, Dmitry Zhelezov Tugrul Karakas, Partner at Polygon Labs Walken Slise.xyz, Oleksii Sidorov Yury Shlaganov, serial founder Fractal, Ammar | | | AMA | How to pitch in 1.5 minutes? | Slise.xyz, Oleksii Sidorov | | | Workshop | Grants for web3 startups. How to select a good grant program and make a successful application? | ICP | | | Lecture+AMA | How AWS supports fundraising with their acceleration and grant program | AWS, Alexandre Matsuo | | | AMA | Getting marketing support through grant programs of blockchains | Avalanche, Matthew Schmenk | | | Lecture & AMA | The value of incubators for web3 startups | Mastercard, Oliver Silvey | | | Lecture & AMA | Acceleration programmes in web3. The case of Fractal accelerator | Fractal, Ammar | | | AMA | The value of web3 events for fundraising | Lifty.io, Slava M Slise.xyz, Oleksii Sidorov Walken | | | Lecture | Managing investor relations after a raise | Ammar & Artem, Fractal | | | Workshop | Public speaking workshops | invited experts | | | Workshop | Pitch deck design sessions | invited experts | | | Workshop | Pitch training sessions | invited experts | | 01.10 | | DEMO DAY | | | 02.10 | | DEPARTURE | |

💎 Mentors (1 month support after the end of the camp) 🎁

speakers from above + mentors from Outlier Ventures, H.E.R. DAO, series A+ founders, W3B Lab, ICP Hub and many others